Lateralization facial expressions

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Many theories of lateralization have been proposed and some of those specific to emotions. Hemispheric asymmetry in the processing of emotional content in word meanings: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Damage to the inferior parietal region including the anterior supramarginal gyrus and posterior angular gyrus regions resulted in reduced SCR. FMRI and lesion studies have shown asymmetrical activation of brain regions while thinking of emotions, responding to extreme emotional stimuli, and viewing emotional situations.

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Chimpanzees, other primates, and humans produce asymmetrical facial expressions with greater expression on the left side of the face right hemisphere of the brain.

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Situations that contradict moral teachings generally produce negative emotions. Phenomena such as emotional lateralization may help describe how emotions arise, persist, and alter our behavior. Valence and arousal effects in neuropsychological models of emotion. Journal of the Neurological Sciences. Bilateral and unilateral damage both resulted in decreased SCR indicates that the right and left ACC's may specialized in certain aspects of emotional response. The anterior cingulate cortex ACC plays a role in a variety of functions including emotional ones. Depression or having previously been depressed probably is due to altered brain structure or alters brain structure.

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lateralization facial expressions
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lateralization facial expressions
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