Guitar lick lessons

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This one is using string skipping to make a 3-note-per-string pattern sound more interesti This week we have yet another A7 lick - it's chord specific so if you are going to use it in a blues - then play it over the A7 and when the chord moves to D7 - move This rock-styled riff uses the blues scale in E and a shuffle feel. Learn this fun rock solo with licks that use staccato, slides, and bends. Try and mix them in with licks you already know so they blend in a bit, you need to work on linking them, it's often getting into and out of a new lick that is the most difficult, so work on it!

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Play it in other keys, different strings or whatever else you can think of to get all the musical use you can out of it.

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Licks, Riffs, and Tricks

Minor 9 I do like a nice minor 9 lick me. This rock riff starts with a slow bend that catches your attention followed by a droning droning open E with a melody played over top. This rock-styled riff uses the blues scale in E and a shuffle feel. I've used it as an examples of a Learn a pentatonic lick that uses a prebend then shift it down by a fifth.

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guitar lick lessons
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guitar lick lessons
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