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That point was brought up by one of the ladies I've always had a problem with the idea of flashing. I mean hell who wouldn't. And when you get caught, the girl is like "Eww gross, why are you staring at my bewbz?!?!? If a nice girl mooned me i wouldnt be insulted. Infact, I got a couple numbers:

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You see mooning someone makes perfect sense.

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Thus, boobage flashing is more appealing at being a tad offensive yet easy to do. Well I think women don't moon cause they don't want you to see the golden ticket You damn girls and your double standards. I think women jsut don't have the means to get their pants off and flash a hieny instead of a shirt. I think that mooning is only an insult when a guy or a fat chick does it D I love sienfield But when a guy flashes his butt, guys are grossed out and girls normally are too, especially if dont 'clean' properly.

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drunk college girls mooning
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drunk college girls mooning
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